Miswak traditional toothstick (The Turtle Tribe) organic licorice root – 3pk



The MISWAK (also known as a siwak, or datwan) is a traditional teeth cleaning stick, used by ancient cultures for 7000 years. Different cultures used various tree roots – in the Middle East the Arak tree; In India the Neem tree; in the Carribean, the hibiscus. Organic licorice root makes an ideal miswak toothstick due to the fibrous root, the pleasant taste, and the natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice root.

To use, whittle away the bark 2cm from one end, chew the inner root gently till fibres form, then brush your teeth gently in an up/down motion. Your saliva will mix with the fibres, so no toothpaste or water is needed. After a few days to a week, when the fibres are brittle and tasteless, simply cut them off and whittle the next 2cm of bark away. Licorice root bark is bitter to taste, so best cut away with a knife before chewing the root. Scientific studies have confirmed the MISWAK toothstick can outperform modern toothbrushes for maintaining good dental health. MISWAK – nature’s toothbrush, with no plastic!


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